We are committed to supporting the local communities where we own buildings. We aim to continually be improving the impact of our buildings within local communities through not only providing space to local businesses, but also through the improvement of local areas and minimising the environmental impact of buildings themselves. 

Working closely with our occupiers, shareholders and other stakeholders

Our community and social value policy is founded on our core values and sets out our approach to community engagement, procurement, environmental stewardship, unbiased recruitment, and employee wellbeing within the context of community and societal value.

Our charitable giving policy aims to invest in our communities at grassroots level, to make a positive difference to the local areas in which we own property.

We seek to support charities who:

  • Drive positive social change
  • Respond to specific local needs
  • Create a positive community impact
  • Are committed to improving local areas

We continue to support a variety of charities, principally through The Funding Network, whose aim is to achieve long-term social change.

The Funding Network enables individuals to join together to support social change projects. They are the UK’s first public open giving forum and have been described as the ‘Dragons’ Den’ for charities. They have raised over £10 million for over 1,500 diverse local, national and international projects.

We also run an occupier led charitable matched giving initiative supporting all our occupiers in our portfolio in their local community based fundraising efforts.

For the year ended 31 March 2021 the Group made charitable donations totalling £29,000.

Our employees are also encouraged to play a positive role in community activities through our charitable partnership with youth charity Coram. Our team's individual charitable fundraising is also supported through our matched giving process.

We have in place a framework for conducting business across the Group, in a way that makes a positive contribution to society while minimising any negative impact on people and the environment. We expect high standards within our business and from our suppliers who adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Community and Social Value Policy

Charitable Giving Policy