Our Purpose

Through our occupier focused, opportunity led approach, we aim to be one of the consistently best performing diversified UK REITs. To us this means being a responsible owner of commercial real estate, helping our occupiers succeed and being valued by all our stakeholders.

Our Strategy

In order to deliver on our purpose, we have in place three distinct strategic pillars; Portfolio performance, Operational Excellence and Acting Responsibly. These pillars include a range of strategic priorities which guide the direction of our business and are regularly reviewed.

Portfolio Performance

  1. Creating and owning a portfolio which provides income and capital growth
  2. Growing occupancy and income profile
  3. Enhancing asset quality, providing space that meets occupier demand
  4. Outperforming the MSCI UK Quarterly Property Index

Operational Excellence

  1. Maintaining an efficient operating platform, utilising technology as appropriate
  2. Having an agile and flexible business model, adaptable to market trends
  3. Delivering earnings growth
  4. Having an appropriate capital structure for the market cycle
  5. Growing to deliver economies of scale

Acting Responsibly

  1. Ensuring we maintain our company values, positive working culture and alignment of the team
  2. Working closely with our occupiers, shareholders and other stakeholders
  3. Ensuring sustainability is integrated within our business model and how we and our occupiers operate