Market Capitalisation £421.66M

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Our Business Model

We invest in a diversified UK commercial property portfolio in order to generate attractive returns for our shareholders. We take a proactive approach to asset management and invest in assets where we believe there are opportunities to enhance income and/or value.

Our vision

Through our occupier focused, opportunity led approach, we aim to be one of the consistently best performing diversified UK focused property companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Our strategy

our strategy business model

Creating a diverse portfolio

We have established a diversified UK property portfolio and while income focused, we will consider opportunities where we can enhance either value or income.

Proactive asset management

Our occupier focused, opportunity led approach to asset management ensures we create space that meets our occupiers’ needs in order to maintain high levels of occupancy across the portfolio.

Depth of expertise

Our dedicated team have a breadth of experience across the UK commercial property market.

Stable recurring income

Our diverse occupier base generates a stable income stream, which we aim to grow through active management and capturing market rental uplifts. We maintain a covered dividend policy, which generates surplus cash, allowing us to reinvest back into the portfolio.

Delivering Value for


Our conversion to a REIT structure has improved our operational efficiency as we benefit from an established tax exempt regime which enhances shareholder returns.


We engage regularly with our occupiers to ensure we understand and meet their needs. As a responsible landlord we are committed to working with our occupiers to reduce the overall environmental impact of our properties.


Through investing in our properties and ensuring high occupancy rates we aim to have a positive impact on the local communities where we own assets. We seek to make a difference through our charitable giving policy and support local communities through our occupier matched funding initiative.

Occupier focused, Opportunity led