Market Capitalisation £558.56M

Picton Property Income Limited entered the UK REIT regime on 1 October 2018 and became a commercial company. As such Picton is outside the scope of AIFMD and is not required to produce a Key Information Document (KID) under PRIIPs.


The Board of Directors are responsible for the determination of the Company’s business model and strategy and have overall responsibility for the Company’s activities including the review of investment activity and performance.

  • Nicholas-Thompson.jpg

    Nicholas Thompson


  • Roger-Lewis.jpg

    Roger Lewis

    Chair of the Property Valuation Committee

  • Michael-Morris.jpg

    Michael Morris

    Chief Executive

  • Mark-Batten.jpg

    Mark Batten

    Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee, Senior Independent Director

  • Maria Bentley

    Maria Bentley

    Chair of the Remuneration Committee, Chair of the Nomination Committee

  • Andrew-Dewhirst.jpg

    Andrew Dewhirst

    Finance Director

The Picton team have extensive experience in the UK commercial property market and are fully focused on delivering the Company’s strategy.

  • Michael-Morris.jpg

    Michael Morris

    Chief Executive

  • Andrew-Dewhirst.jpg

    Andrew Dewhirst

    Finance Director

  • Jay-Cable.jpg

    Jay Cable

    Director, Head of Asset Management

  • Tim-Hamlin.jpg

    Tim Hamlin

    Senior Asset Manager

  • Mark Alder

    Mark Alder

    Head of Occupier Services

  • Louisa McAleenan

    Louisa McAleenan

    Research Analyst

  • James-Forman.jpg

    James Forman

    Financial Controller

  • Lucy Stearman

    Lucy Stearman

    Accounts Assistant

  • Melissa-Ricardo.jpg

    Melissa Ricardo

    Office Manager

  • Sophie Youngs

    Sophie Youngs

    Team Secretary

Occupier focused, Opportunity led