Our five key commitments to our occupiers

We are always seeking to improve our occupier's experience, which is why we created the Picton Promise; five key commitments that underpin every aspect of the occupier experience we provide.


Our personal, hands on approach and attention to detail ensures you experience excellent customer service. You can always speak to a dedicated Picton team member and be assured we respond promptly to your enquiries and act on feedback as quickly and effectively as possible.

Working with our occupiers is at the heart of what we do, both to understand your current needs and future requirements.

  • We are committed to working collaboratively to find solutions
  • We hold regular occupier workshops to share ideas
  • We provide the opportunity to complete satisfaction surveys which provide forums for feedback
  • We act on feedback and occupier input to improve amenities


We want you to feel part of something. We run regular occupier meetings and facilitate introductions across our occupier community and occupier apps. We also support different regional charities to help drive social change at a local level and we offer each of our occupiers charitable matched giving for their community fundraising efforts.

We want to make a positive local impact.

  • We support you in your charitable fundraising efforts with our matched giving policy
  • We host regular occupier wellbeing events, workshops and initiatives
  • We provide access to information and events programmes via our occupier apps available at certain buildings
  • We provide access to our touchdown meeting rooms in central London


We are committed to improving the digital infrastructure and connectivity requirements of our buildings and work with all our occupiers to enable transparency and informed decision making. With the installation of building management systems we ensure improved operational and energy efficiencies for our occupiers.

  • We use smart building technology to ensure improved operational and energy efficiencies for our occupiers
  • We are committed to monitoring energy usage to help with energy and cost savings for occupiers
  • We use technology to improve your workspace and make it happier, healthier and more productive


We believe strongly in sustainability as an integral part of our business model and strategy. We have in place a framework for conducting business in a way that makes a positive contribution to society and our stakeholders, whilst minimising the negative impact on the environment.

We are a signatory to the Better Buildings Partnership Climate Commitment.

  • We are committed to being net zero carbon by 2040
  • We ensure refurbishments across our buildings improve EPC ratings and create energy efficiencies and cost savings for our occupiers
  • We undertake energy efficiency audits to help identify areas where we can improve
  • We work collaboratively with our occupiers to implement biodiversity initiatives and install electric car charging points


We are committed to providing flexible business focused solutions to enable you to run your business. We are proactive in helping you to 'rightsize' your business space, helping support your changing needs.

  • We offer flexible, fitted and inclusive leasing solutions
  • We provide access to a 24 hour help desk for day-to-day management or maintenance support
  • We maintain regular communication and value a close relationship with our occupiers