Sustainable thinking, responsible business

This year we have made significant progress on our sustainability priorities.

We have incorporated our sustainability reporting into our Annual Report, which better reflects our integrated approach. We will be publishing a Sustainability Data Performance Report, which will be made available on our website, including disclosures which are third party assured. We report our emissions data by calendar year.

Highlights of the year

Environmental focus

  • 24% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions compared to 2019 baseline
  • 22% reduction in Scope 3 energy intensity compared to 2019 baseline
  • Commenced decarbonisation of assets
  • Commenced on-site renewable installations
  • 76% improved portfolio EPC ratings, ranked A-C
  • Completed 64 green leases

Stakeholder engagement

  • Carried out occupier surveys at industrial and office assets
  • Hosted sustainability webinars for investors and occupiers
  • Continued roll out of new supplier clauses addressing modern slavery
  • Helped develop new Better Buildings Partnership training modules
  • Carried out annual employee engagement survey
  • Provided further sustainability training for the team
  • £27,000 charitable donations, supporting 23 charities

Governance and advocacy

  • Climate Action Working Group established to oversee progress on net zero carbon
  • Completed assessment of climate-related risks to the business
  • Reported in line with Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures
  • Maintained EPRA Gold awards for both Annual Report and Sustainability Report
  • Improved GRESB rating to three Green star status
  • Third party assurance of GRESB data submission
  • Implemented new sustainability data management system
  • Improved overall energy data collection to 85%

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