Sustainable thinking, practical solutions

Over the course of this year we have focused on re-assessing our approach to sustainability and have continued to develop our environmental initiatives and  included sustainability measures into our building refurbishment programme.

Highlights of the year

  • Embedded sustainability into our business model and strategy
  • Improved our GRESB score by 11 points
  • Achieved EPRA Gold for our Sustainability Report

What we have done this year

  • Improved our A to D EPC ratings from 82% to 89%
  • Re-assessed 39 EPCs, of which 100% are MEES compliant and 69% have an improved rating with an overall average improvement of 14 points
  • Incorporated sustainability measures into all major refurbishment projects
  • Built in sustainability criteria to assess expenditure projects going forwards
  • Carried out ESG audits at four of our most energy intensive properties within the portfolio
  • Installed water saving measures and leak detection features into major office refurbishment projects
  • Carried out an occupier survey to understand and act on sustainability issues

What we will do next year

  • We are working to identify and target key impact areas across the portfolio, contributing to better management of the overall environmental performance.
  • We will be focusing on setting clear targets to effectively measure our sustainability performance over the short, medium and long-term.