Sustainable thinking, acting responsibly

This year we have developed our approach to sustainability issues and built on the initiatives we had put in place previously.

Highlights of the year

  • Improved our GRESB score, outperforming our peer group
  • Established a Responsibility committee
  • Reduced our carbon emissions by over 28% since we started reporting in 2016

What we have done this year

  • 99% of energy procured from renewable sources
  • 74 new EPCs conducted and 50% of high-risk assets mitigated
  • Launched charitable matched giving initiative to all occupiers within the portfolio
  • Introduced green clauses into 16 new leases
  • Installed two urban rooftop beehives as part of biodiversity drive

What we will do next year

  • Roll out occupier engagement programme including sustainability workshops.
  • Continue to monitor and improve energy efficiency improvements that can be made exploring technological solutions that could be implemented at our properties to also reduce operating costs for our occupiers.