Putting sustainability at the forefront of our activities

Sustainability is embedded within our corporate strategy and we are committed to transparent reporting and communicating our progress to all of our stakeholders.

Our recent materiality assessment process included a robust analysis of potential material issues, both internal and external.

A sustainability framework was then developed and aligned with our corporate strategy to provide us with a cohesive structure to communicate and measure our sustainability activities and progress against.

Reporting against EPRA sustainability best practice

We report our overall energy, greenhouse gas, water and waste usage by sector. In the EPRA Disclosures section we have disclosed the absolute and intensity performance measures as set out by the EPRA Sustainability Best Practice Recommendations, and we have also provided further commentary in that section around the measures and the results for the year. For the first time we have started collecting tenant consumption data to increase the scope of our reporting and allow us to report whole building consumption. These steps allow the Group to identify and target key impact areas across the portfolio, contributing to better management of the overall environmental performance and to formulate indicator targets to track sustainability performance.

The following measures are set out in the EPRA Disclosures section towards the end of our Sustainability Report:

Issue Type

Sustainability Performance Measure


Total electricity consumption

Like-for-like total electricity consumption

Total fuel consumption

Like-for-like total fuel consumption

Building energy intensity

Greenhouse gas emissions

Total direct GHG emissions

Total indirect GHG emissions

Like-for-like total direct GHG emissions

Like-for-like total indirect GHG emissions

GHG intensity from building energy


Total water consumption

Like-for-like total water consumption

Building water intensity


Total weight of waste by disposal route

Like-for-like total weight of waste by disposal route

Business travel

Total business travel emissions

There is no district heating or cooling consumption within the portfolio and so there is nothing to report against these sustainability measures.