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Energy Efficient Spaces

One of our key priorities is to work with our occupiers, so that we can understand their needs and aim to meet their current and future requirements.

We will use our expertise in asset management to provide modern flexible space that is safe, clean and energy efficient. We believe that it is important for all of the stakeholders in the business that we put sustainability at the forefront in all of our activities. In this way we can constantly strive to reduce the environmental burdens from our business.

We continue to assess the environmental performance of the portfolio and work closely with both property managers and occupiers to find pragmatic, cost-effective solutions for energy reduction. We also offer energy audits to our largest occupiers to help improve sustainability within the portfolio beyond the boundaries of our operational control.

In addition, sustainability considerations have been incorporated into all maintenance schedules at multi-let sites to help reduce occupancy costs as well as deliver significant environmental impact reductions. Improvements include:

  • Replacing traditional light bulbs with LEDs at, which are more energy efficient, in common areas
  • Installing passive infrared (PIR) sensor lighting
  • Implementing switch controls
  • Optimising plant equipment run hours and building management system controls

Looking to the future, this year we carried out a solar photovoltaic feasibility study across the portfolio to determine a shortlist of sites best suited to solar installations. We have since begun discussions with leading solar providers and aim to install solar panels on at least one property within the next year. This will reduce the reliance on electricity from non-renewable sources at the site and reduce tenant occupancy costs by providing lower energy prices.

Occupier focused, Opportunity led