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Supporting streetdoctors to tackle youth violence at a local level

We recently ran a programme of occupier feedback surveys aimed at understanding our occupier needs better as we continually seek to make improvements to service levels.

Thanks to every completed questionnaire we received, we have now collectively raised £1,500 for StreetDoctors - a fantastic charity with national training programmes, teaching high risk young people life-saving skills and helping change attitudes to street violence.

StreetDoctors operates a national network of volunteer healthcare professionals who utilise their skills and knowledge to actively reduce youth violence.

While the charity teaches young people at high risk of violence emergency life-saving skills, just as importantly, they seek to challenge attitudes to violence and treat young people as potential life-savers, capable of making positive choices.

Volunteers deliver two sessions to young people, covering what to do when someone is bleeding and unconscious. When someone is bleeding they need treatment quickly, the more blood they lose the lower their chance of survival.

Teaching young people who are likely to witness violent incidents how to call for help and what to do before professionals arrive saves lives and enables young people to acquire practical skills.

£50 covers the cost of life-saving first aid training for up to eight young people. Thanks to our occupiers we are delighted to be able to help StreetDoctors deliver training for over 200 young people.

Visit their website for more information on this charity and their latest #High Five to Save a Life campaign.


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