Market Capitalisation £562.94M

Picton Property Income Limited entered the UK REIT regime on 1 October 2018 and became a commercial company. As such Picton is outside the scope of AIFMD and is not required to produce a Key Information Document (KID) under PRIIPs.

A little healthier every day: stepjockey in the workplace

We are excited to announce our commitment to creating healthier more active workplaces with the introduction of StepJockey in our buildings.

StepJockey seeks to transform workplace health through motivating occupiers to move a little more every day.

Smart signs display calorie data for your stairs to help motivated staff to use the stairs rather than the lift. Occupiers can download the free StepJockey app to track their stair use and progress by tapping on the smart signs at the start and end of each journey. There are also lots of opportunities for workplace challenges, motivating games and incentives.

We will be installing StepJockey smart signs in Tower Wharf, Bristol, before expanding the wellness programme to our other buildings, putting them on the healthy buildings map.

A simple but powerful change to help keep active!


Occupier focused, Opportunity led