Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with all our stakeholders

The Board is responsible for setting the guiding principles of the Group including leading on environmental, social and corporate governance. We aim to be transparent in our approach to performance reporting and to ensure stakeholder engagement.

Our shareholders

As owners of Picton we rely on the support of our shareholders and their views are important to us. The long-term success of the business will deliver value for shareholders. Senior management hold regular meetings with shareholders and feedback from these meetings is reported back to the Board. This feedback may be on operational matters, financing strategy or dividend policy, as examples. The Directors normally attend the Annual General Meeting to meet with shareholders and to answer any questions they may have.

Our occupiers

One of our key strategic priorities is to work closely with our occupiers, so that we can understand their needs and aim to meet their current and future requirements.

The Board has delegated responsibility for engaging with occupiers to the asset management team, who have ongoing communication with occupiers, and use this information when making proposals to the Board on investment transactions, such as refurbishment projects or leasing events.

We are always seeking to improve our occupiers’ experience, which is why we created the Picton Promise: five key commitments that underpin every aspect of the occupier experience we provide and how we engage with our occupiers.

Our people

We value the contributions made by the whole Picton team, with a strong and open company culture that was co-created by our employees. We aim to have a positive business environment consistent with our values, with equal opportunities for all. All of our employees share in the success of Picton through participation in the Long-term Incentive Plan and Deferred Bonus Plan. One of our Non-Executive Directors, Maria Bentley, has responsibility for employee engagement, taking into consideration the views of the team and reporting these back to rest of the Board.

Local communities and environment

We are committed to improving the impact of our buildings on local communities, whether providing space to local businesses, improvement of local areas or minimising the environmental impact of buildings themselves.

Our community and social value policy is founded on our core values and sets out our approach to community engagement, procurement, environmental stewardship, unbiased recruitment, and employee wellbeing within the context of community and societal value.

Our charitable giving policy aims to invest in our communities at grassroots level, to make a positive difference to the local areas in which we own property.

We seek to support charities who:

  • Drive positive social change
  • Respond to specific local needs
  • Create a positive community impact
  • Are committed to improving local areas

We also support local communities through our occupier led charitable matched giving initiative.

The Board has established a Responsibility Committee, which is chaired by one of the Executive Directors, to lead on sustainability initiatives and ensure the environment is considered within key business activities.

Community and Social Value Policy

Charitable Giving Policy


We are fundamentally committed to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business. View our Modern Slavery Statement.

We seek to maintain productive and long-term relationships with our business partners and suppliers and have a Supplier Code of Conduct in place to ensure 
our suppliers operate in an ethical way and share our business principles in observing relevant laws and regulations. Our Supplier Code of Conduct is designed to promote safe and fair working conditions and the responsible management of social, ethical and environmental issues in our supply chain.

All suppliers have published or stated an approach which is consistent with our values.

Supplier Code of Conduct